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No Pass, No Drive Update 2018

  On Monday, May 14, 2018, a mother took her homeschool student to take her permit test. Unfortunately, the Pike County Circuit Clerk office stated that in order to allow the student to take the permit test, the Clerk’s office would need a letter from “the homeschool program” the student is enrolled in as proof she is homeschooled. Knowing this is not the procedure outlined by the Kentucky Department of Transportation, the family left. They communicated with CHEK on Tuesday evening about the incident. CHEK Board member Devonne Bolin called the Pike County Clerk’s office on Wednesday, May 16. After speaking with the clerk, who did reiterate that the homeschool family needed to bring a letter of proof before the student could take the test, Devonne explained the actual steps outlined by the KDT. Devonne also explained that independent home educators do not use a specific program from which they would be able to obtain a letter. The only letter homeschoolers submit is to the lo