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Letter of Notification of Your Private Homeschool

The time of year will be quickly approaching to notify your school district of your private school!  This is the first step in creating an official private school in your home.  We receive many questions about this step, and encourage you to read the following information, including eight of the most common questions with answers. Here is a sample copy of the  Letter of Notification .  You can see that  KRS 159.160  states, “The reports shall be made within the two weeks of the beginning of each school year.”  So, if your school begins on Monday, August 3, your letter needs to arrive at the office of the Superintendent by Friday, August 14, the end of the second school week.  You can find the address and name of the Superintendent in this  Kentucky School Directory .  This is a 2021 directory.   You can also look at your district's website. .   As in the past, CHEK recommends that you send your letter certified mail with a return receipt.  When your

Packets Sent Out By Local School Districts

Every summer, we see more school districts send out packets, many times encouraging you to fill out the forms included in place of your letter of notification.  CHEK advises all parents to send your letter of notification within the first two weeks of school in your district, as outlined in the law and Best Practice Document.  Here are two concerns we have with many of these packets. Request for information is overreaching.                                             The Letter of Notification requires:    Parent’s names   Address of location of school    Name of school, child’s name and age              Recent packets sent by districts have asked for one or more of the following:                                 Grade    Date of birth    Specific needs of child    Race    Email    Phone number     Type of calendar being used     Curriculum    Start date of your private school         Many of the packets are not up to date on Kentucky law, p