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Legislative Update: April 2018

On Tuesday, I was in Frankfort, Kentucky with CHEK Board Members, a local support group leader, and our local affiliated attorney, A.C. Donahue, to meet with the Legislative Research Commission. The LRC has received a request from at least one legislator to review the homeschool laws of Kentucky and the surrounding states. While the LRC stated that they don’t have a particular agenda, it appears clear that this review of Kentucky homeschool law is related to House Bill 574 that Rep. Harris introduced earlier this year. As you remem ber, that bill would have dramatically changed the homeschool law in Kentucky. In their review of state law, the LRC reached out to CHEK and asked them to present information about homeschooling. CHEK in turn invited us to be involved in the meeting along with Mr. Donahue and a local homeschool leader. The meeting lasted nearly 3 hours and we all were able to provide plenty of information to give the LRC an accurate picture of the status of hom