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Learning to Delight in Your Children ... 3 part series from CHEK Family & Homeschool Conference Keynotes, Rick & Marilyn Boyer

 CHEK is delighted to have Rick & Marilyn Boyer as Keynote Speakers for the 2013 Family and Homeschool Conference.  We pray you will see what a blessing they are going to be to Kentucky families and homeschoolers who attend! Bring a friend this year for just a $20 suggested donation. DELIGHT - Dictionary definition: to affect with great pleasure, to please highly. Delight is a more permanent pleasure than joy and not dependent on sudden excitement. Part One:   Learning to View Life From our Children’s Point of View I have 14 children and all of them are different from one another as I’m sure your children are as well. It takes time, quality time, to get to really know your children as individuals... Read more. Part Two:   It was one of those things we stumbled upon not realizing it was an important principle in God’s Word and had such a lasting impact on our children. I have since started... Read more. Part Three:   Let me give you some concrete ideas on