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Homeschool Day at the Capitol 2018

CHEK is excited to announce the upcoming Homeschool Day at the Capitol in association with Christians at the Capitol on Friday, February 9, 2018.  With demolition of the old convention center it has made planning a bit difficult this year, but what is difficult for man is not a problem for God!  This year, all events will take place on the Capitol grounds.  Please, be sure to enter through the main entrance, or make your way there to pick up a packet, including a map of the Capitol grounds.

Start the day off at 9AM in the Capitol building watching your State government at work, or take advantage of the self-guided tour with a downloadable audio recording of Chaplain, Lee Watts, educational home education tour. There are tickets available at the Capitol to sit in on both the House of Representative Chamber or the Senate Chamber.  Let your statesman know that your family will be there, and ask for a time to meet with them.  Also, your child may want to serve as page for their Representative or Senator. The House and Senate will both be recognizing February 9, 2018 as Home Education Day and presenting resolutions in each chamber. Be sure to meet with us on the front Capitol steps just after the prayer in House and Senate at 3:00 for a group photo.

At 11:15 there will be workshops beginning in the Capitol Annex building directly behind the Capitol Building. We are thankful to have 6 different speakers providing their information in four different workshop times, so as many as would like, can hear.  Space is limited in the workshop (committee meeting) rooms. The workshops schedule is 11:15-11:45, 12:00-12:30, 12:45-1:15,and 1:30-2:00.  

It is an honor to have Staff Attorney, T.J. Schmidt, attending and speaking to us this year. 
He will be discussing your rights and have updates on the Curry case. Be sure to let Mr. Schmidt know you are thankful for the continual work he does to protect our right to home educate in Kentucky.    Annex Room 131

We are super excited that author, blogger and veteran home educator, Cindy West from Our Journey Westward, will be sharing an encouraging word on " Why We Homeschool", including "How to make the Curriculum Work for You". Annex Room 125

CHEK Director and board member, Scott and Devonne Bolin, will be answering your questions about private home education in the Bluegrass State, including homeschool specific legislation.  Annex Room 171

TeenPact leaders, Bill and Crystal Costello, are excited to share with you how they guide youth to take their faith to politics and earn high school credit! Annex Room 131

Chaplain, Lee Watts, will be sharing with you, "Bills Before the Legislature".  He will explain both positives and negatives with particular bills. Annex Room 149

Family Foundation Director, Kent Ostrander, will be sharing concerns on Instant Racing.
Annex Room 169

American Family Association of Kentucky President, Dr. Frank Simon, will be discussing Culture Conflict, including the implications of the Target Boycott.  Annex Room 129

Commonwealth Policy Center Executive Director, Richard Nelson, has a challenging message about becoming active in our communities through the election process and how you can make a difference! Annex Room 113

From 2:30 to 3:00 p.m. join us for prayer in the House or Senate Chambers.

Answers to frequently asked questions:
Parking is available in a parking garage on the premises and also in street parking around the building.
This day includes a lot of walking, so wear comfortable shoes.
You know your children and their ability to listen and understand, many children under the age of 9 may need quiet activities to keep them happy.
Strollers can be used and an elevator is available at the Capitol.
There is a cafeteria available to purchase or to bring your own sack lunches to.


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