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Learning to Delight in Your Children ... 3 part series from CHEK Family & Homeschool Conference Keynotes, Rick & Marilyn Boyer

 CHEK is delighted to have Rick & Marilyn Boyer as Keynote Speakers for the 2013 Family and Homeschool Conference.  We pray you will see what a blessing they are going to be to Kentucky families and homeschoolers who attend! Bring a friend this year for just a $20 suggested donation.

DELIGHT - Dictionary definition: to affect with great pleasure, to please highly. Delight is a more permanent pleasure than joy and not dependent on sudden excitement.

Part One:
 Learning to View Life From our Children’s Point of View
I have 14 children and all of them are different from one another as I’m sure your children are as well. It takes time, quality time, to get to really know your children as individuals...Read more.

Part Two:
 It was one of those things we stumbled upon not realizing it was an important principle in God’s Word and had such a lasting impact on our children. I have since started... Read more.

Part Three:
 Let me give you some concrete ideas on how to delight in your child: Read more.

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Character Concepts is a Bible-based, age-appropriate curriculum for parents to teach their children qualities that will reflect the character of Christ. 

" That the generation to come might know, even the children yet to be born, that they may arise and tell them to their children, that they should put their confidence in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep His commandments."
Psalm 78:6-7
We’ve just completed our 32nd year of homeschooling. We only have 2 school aged children left. The rest have graduated. As we have a little more time now, we are creating character curriculum for other families use in training their children in the most important subject there is- character- the very attributes of our Lord and Savior! We hope it’ll make your life easier and serve to assist you in raising up children mighty in spirit, warriors prepared to enter service for the Lord! God bless you as you seek to lead your children to the Savior!!
I found as I taught character to my kids, I was learning it as well. We were all learning together! It’s a great lesson for our kids as they watch us struggle to make wise choices to control our anger, practice self-control, demonstrate kindness, express contentment instead of complaining, or intentionally practice attentiveness when listening to them!- Marilyn

Rick, in looking for a way to be able to have input in his kids lives while at work, recorded sections of the Bible for them, beginning with the Book of Proverbs. (now available as Uncle Rick Reads the Proverbs, or Uncle Rick’s Audio Bible Collection)
Pausing in his reading to explain difficult words and give example stories to illustrate what is being taught in the Scripture, he would read through entire books. I would pop the recordings in at nap time and bedtime and over the years, my children learned tons of Scripture without even realizing they were memorizing it. It worked so well that he began recording other books as well - The Book of Psalms, The Gospel of Matthew, and now I Peter and James as well and the results have produced much fruit. As my kids grew with God’s Word anchored in their minds, it eventually worked it’s way into their hearts and there were times they faced difficult situations when God’s Word, which never returns void, would “pop” into their head to give them guidance. It has also resulted in a valuable “tool” for teaching them a Biblical worldview. Years later, we began making those resources available to others for use in their homes and now “Uncle Rick” reads lots of his little buddies to sleep every night!


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