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What We Need Now ... Scholarship and Character!


Time and again I've listened to the naysayers "homeschooling is too hard"  it's too "teacher intensive"  and my favorite, "I don't have the time to learn something new!"

All of these laments may be true in some regard (it is difficult to learn something new that is intensive and takes time)  but it is time for Christian mothers to step up to the plate and reclaim their American Christian history of learning to think and reason from the Scriptures and "by their own scholarship and character...effectively articulate and implement their knowledge in the family, the workplace, and civil government."1

What is learning?  Webster's 1828 defines learning as, "Gaining knowledge by instruction or reading, by study, by experience or observation; acquiring skill by practice."  That sounds like work!  What we Christian mothers need is a Christian work ethic!  We need to embrace the "Christian character qualities of industry, perseverance, and diligence when it comes to employing the tools of scholarship..."2

This is the work we are called to as Christian women and especially as homeschooling mothers.  God has not left us without the content to teach or the method!  We are to teach the truth that makes us free. (John 8:32)  We are to search the Scriptures for in them is Life. (John 5:39-47)  We are to teach the next generation God's Truth diligently. (Deuteronomy 6:6-9)  We are to teach them precept upon precept, here a little there a little, line upon line. (Isaiah 28:13)

Lastly, there is nothing in this world that does not belong to God.  Be it math, science, history, or grammar.  These subjects are not secular. His character is revealed in and through school subjects.  He's not only the God of the Bible, He is Lord of all. 

 "There is not a square inch
in the whole domain of our human existence
over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all,
does not cry: 'Mine!'"  A. Kuyper

So, today I challenge you to begin your own season of re-education rooted in the knowledge and truth of God's Word.  This is the key to liberty and self-government.  We can teach the next generation God's Truth using His Principles and methods.  We just have to begin with ourselves.
"As a generation of learners robbed of the knowledge of America's Christian history and the reflective method of learning, modern teachers must be willing to initiate their own program of re-education." Elizabeth Youmans

1. Elizabeth Youmans, Noah Plan History Guide, Foundation for American Christian Education, pg. 99
2 1. Elizabeth Youmans, Noah Plan History Guide, Foundation for American Christian Education, pg. 99
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