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Friday, June 15, 2012

Review: The Mighty Works of God by Ruth J. Smith

"Today, the study of history has become a study of dates, facts, names, and events, with no consideration for their cause and effect. This approach to history has produced students who regard history as dull and boring and who have some knowledge of facts (or effects) of history, but no understanding of the cause of history and the individual's importance in His Story. Studying history with an effort to determine the cause and effect of the events gives life to the subject." ~Ruth J. Smith

The Might Works of God  history series is a child's Providential History of the United States of America, written by Ruth J. Smith (Pilgrim Institute). This series contains 3 volumes, written for the elementary-aged student:

The Might Works of God: Self Government ($17.95) In this first volume, readers learn about Christ as the cause of Self-Government, the historical effect of the Bible in English, God's Providence in the discovery of the New World, the people and events which God used to produce a new nation, and the expansion of that nation. (sample pages)

The Mighty Works of God: Liberty and Justice for All ($19.95) This volume focuses on Christ as the source of liberty --both individual and national. Students will be mesmerized by the individuals and events God used to bring forth American liberty, as well as America's growth and expansion. American patriots, explorers and mountain men, used by God to open the West, are captured in this part of His Story. (sample pages)

The Mighty Works of God: Divine Providence ($19.95) The third volume in the series demonstrates God's hand in the placement of men in nations, the fundamental laws of self and civil government, Christ and His gift of internal liberty, Christianity's answer to pagan ideas, and the westward movement of Christianity and liberty from Europe to America. The Revolutionary Period records abundant evidence of Divine Providence as Americans struggled to preserve the precious gift of American liberty. Individuals and a nation at liberty move forward into a fascinating era of invention and progress, leading into the 20th century and the worldwide struggle to protect liberty against the threat of tyranny. (sample pages)

Available for each volume are the Student Texts, as well as a Teacher's Guide with CD-ROM containing resources such as maps, charts, and coloring pages. The Teacher's Guide sell for $34.95 each.

The Student Texts are lovely, with beautiful illustrations and written in language that is both engaging and appropriate for elementary-age students. The first volume is written for your younger students, with a larger font and simpler vocabulary, but as you progress through the series, the fonts grow smaller, while the vocabulary increases to a level of upper elementary.

While just reading the Student Text with your students would provide an interesting and engaging time of learning for your family, do not miss the Teacher's Guides. These guides are nearly 200 pages and will guide you in developing course objectives and lesson plans. They are filled with leading ideas, thoughts for reflection and reasoning, ideas for incorporating the CD-ROM printables, and ideas for supplemental activities, such as field trips.With these guides, and the accompanying CDs, you will have the tools necessary to build a comprehensive elementary Christian History curriculum for your homeschool, rather than just having 3 books to read aloud.

Although the language is age-appropriate for younger to middle elementary, this curriculum in no way "dumbs down" history for your students. In fact, it does quite the opposite. The Mighty Works of God presents history as His Story, in a an engaging, thought-provoking format, that will leave both student and teacher wondering what part in history God has written for their own lives.

If you are interested in teaching American History from a Providential perspective, to elementary-aged students, you will love this series. Mrs. Smith's obvious passion and knowledge of American History as His Story are both refreshing and contagious. She does indeed, "give life to the subject".

Disclaimer: I received this product at cost to me, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine. This review is also posted at www.benandme.com --Marcy Crabtree

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  1. I agree! We are starting with the self-government volume both teacher and student and we absolutely LOVE it. I can't help but think, if history was presented to me in this format, perhaps I wouldn't have dreaded the subject so much in public school. At any rate, I'm glad my girls can experience HiStory.


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