We believe the words of God in Deuteronomy 6:6-7:
And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up. (KJV)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Gen2 Conference, January 2015, Creation Museum, Kentucky

The Gen2 Conference is for Christian Leaders who care what happens with the Millennial generation. Evangelicals have expended unprecedented amounts of money and energy on reaching Christian youth. Christian youth ministries abound and Christian schooling options have multiplied in the last few decades, including homeschooling and home discipleship movements. Have we ever put so much time and resources into the youth, and seen so little results?

The last 40 years

  • It was the age of youth ministry.
  • It was the age of homeschooling.
  • It was the age of the Millennials.

But did it accomplish anything?

The Gen2 Survey conducted in 2013 and 2014 is the largest Christian study ever conducted on the Millennial generation. What do they believe, why, and what influenced them growing up? We looked at worldview issues, method of education, commitment to church, parent-child relationships, cultural inputs, and commitment to the Christian faith.
  • Did the Christian homeschool movement of the last 40 years make a difference? Or, was it counter productive?
  • What will the next generation of Christian leaders look like? What will they face?
Join some of the nation’s most noted Christian leaders to examine the failures and successes of 40 years of church youth ministry, family ministry, and home education. The Gen 2 Conference will look at how we lose. . . and how we win the next generation.

Register Now

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Shop Around the Clock with CHEK!

Right now you're planning your Thanksgiving holiday meal, but what are you doing to do when all of the guests have gone home and your digesting? Join CHEK on Black Friday, Saturday, and Cyber Monday as we highlight homeschool and Christian businesses with special offers and savings for CHEK friends!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Boyce College and Dual Enrollment for Homeschoolers

I wanted to let you know about a program Boyce College offers that will benefit your students and partner with your already established curriculum, our Dual Enrollment: Educational Partnership Program.

This program allows your students to:
o   Enroll in college courses while in high school;
o   Receive college credits while taking high school courses;
o   Minimize the duplication of courses taken in high school and college;
o   Shorten the time required to complete an undergraduate degree;
o   Reduce significantly the cost of higher education; and
o   Receive a quality college experience.

The course offered through the Boyce College Dual Enrollment Educational Partnership program present a rigorous curriculum that introduces qualified students to college-level work for which they can simultaneously earn high school and college credit. If you would like to explore this option more, please feel free to contact myself or my assistant, Caitlin Blaylock at cblaylock@sbts.edu or 502-897-4595. I would love to talk with you and explain more about our program and how we can make it successful for you and your students.

I look forward to hearing from you!
Dr. Melissa Tucker
Assistant Professor of Education Boyce College
Dual Enrollment Coordinator

2825 Lexington Road
Louisville, KY 40280
Phone: (502) 897-4820

Friday, October 24, 2014

CHEK Discussion Group now on Facebook!

Homeschoolers love to discuss things!
  • Curriculum
  • Homeschooling Methods
  • Discipline
  • Classroom Management
  • Household Management
  • and more...
So, CHEK is excited to announce the new Facebook discussion group!

You can join today and join the conversation!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Christian Home Educators of KY Blog: Articles

Has Homeschooling Changed in the Last
30 + Years

By: Debbie Woolett
We started homeschooling in the early 80’s.  We knew this was what the Lord wanted for our
family.   How would we get started?  Where would we get school books?  What was the Law?  Was it even legal?  What about Socialization? 
We knew two families that were homeschooling, so that is where we started.  Both families were
full time evangelist.  Their local school board had allowed them to  travel with their children using the secular curriculum publisher they recommended. They had no solid information to help us on our quest.
Today we would contact a local Support Group or Home School State Organization such as Christian Home Educators of Kentucky (CHEK), or a Nationally known Organization which would supply us with more than enough information, but in the 1980’s most states had no official local support group
or state organization.  Even our national organizations were not well known.  Most families did not own a computer.  Social Networking was not an option.  Cell phones did not exist.  Home School conferences were very few.  Most states did not provide a Home School Conference.
Ok, so where did we get our books?  We contacted 2-3 Christian School Curriculum providers (there were not many to choose from at that time) requesting curriculum information, only to be refused, because we were not considered “Bonafide Schools”, therefore were not allowed to purchase their products.  None the less homeschooling kept growing and before long Christian Curriculum Providers realized it would be to their benefit, as well as ours, to include Homeschoolers in their clientele. Today
there are so many curriculum vendors from which to choose it can be overwhelming!  Soon we were at home with our precious children doing school using curriculum now made available to home schools as well as the Christian/Private schools.    
Yes, it is true that our children would run to their bedroom to hide if someone drove in the driveway or knocked on the door until they knew it was safe for them to come out.  Today we see home school families in town doing their shopping together during school hours with little concern of what others may think or do.
With all this said let us get back to the question at hand.  “Has Homeschooling changed in the
last 30 + years?”  The answer is YES and NO. 

     Then                                                 Now
Very little Curriculum available                                 Abundance of Curriculum available
Most states had no Official State Organization          At least 1 state Organization in each state
Most states had no Local Support Groups               Multiple Local Support Groups
Little known of National Organizations                     Many National Organizations available
Most homes had no computers                                Most homes own a computer
Most states no Home School Conference                Home School Conferences available to all
Social Networking did not exist                               Social Networking available to all
Cell Phones did not exist                                         Cell Phones owned by most
Homeschooling not socially accepted                       Homeschooling Publicly accepted

Yes, it has changed in that so much curriculum is available it can be difficult to decide which one would be best for your Home school.   Most everyone  owns or has access to  “Cell Phones”, “Computers”, “Social Networking”, “Home School Conferences”, “Local Home School Support Groups & Co-ops”, " Home Education Organizations” on the State and National level.  No longer do most home school parents fear having their children outside  or even in town during school hours.  Home Schooling for the most part has become publicly accepted.
There is one very important thing
that has not changed in the last 30 + years.

Parents home school their children because they love them and want to provide the best education possible while avoiding the many distractions found in institutionalized education.  Parents still make sacrifices to provide the best possible atmosphere in which their children can excel in academics and participate in proper socialization. 

            How about those of you that have completed your home school years?  Would your family do it all over again?  Our family’s answer to that question is a resounding, YES!  It was worth every moment we invested in our children.  

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Homeschool Freedom? Maybe not...

“When the United States government says that homeschooling is a mutable choice, it is saying that a government can legitimately coerce you to change this choice,” Farris said. “In other words, you have no protected right to choose what type of education your children will receive. We should understand that in these arguments, something very concerning is being said about the liberties of all Americans.

“I’m glad Obama wasn’t in charge in 1620,” Farris said in an appearance on “Fox and Friends.” “The government’s arguments in this case confuse equal persecution with equal protection and demonstrate a serious disregard for individual religious liberty. I really wonder what would’ve happened to the Pilgrims under this administration.” http://www.wnd.com/2013/07/doj-governments-can-punish-homeschoolers/

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Review: Parenting from the Heart by Marilyn Boyer

Reads Like a Friend You Have Over for Tea!

by Gina Glenn
This review is from: Parenting From the Heart (Paperback)

Parenting from the Heart by Marilyn Boyer is truly a work from HER heart. Her care and concern for the Mommies out there are evident in each of the 26 short, readable chapters.

As a mom of 4 (all older now), I would've enjoyed having this book as my own children grew through the stages into adulthood. There was a time when a book was my only "friend" during the toddler years in the too-busy, pre-internet days! For the "modern" parent, this books keeps in mind how busy you are and keeps things short and encouraging without falling into the trap of becoming only a devotional. It really does read like a letter from a friend. Marilyn shares her own joys and sorrows along the way.

As a Christian it is so important to have an "older" and "wiser" woman remind me of what and Whom I am working for. Reminding me to train my children to love the Lord and serve Him. Marilyn accomplishes this without sounding preachy or judgmental.

I look forward to using this book as my own children become parents and will not hesitate to share it with my own daughters and daughters-in-law(s), when that time comes.

A quote from Marilyn to encourage you, "God wants us to be salt and light in this current generation and He has an exciting plan for your family to be involved. Anyone can be a successful parent. The only ingredient required is a heart wholly devoted to Jesus Christ in whom we place our trust for eternal salvation."

Monday, July 1, 2013

UN Disabilities Treaty Action Item

UN Disabilities Treaty Could Come up Next Week—Call and Visit Now

Help defeat this treaty again.

HSLDA President Mike Smith has been an advocate for homeschooling for more than 30 years.
Dear HSLDA Members and Friends,
Yesterday, The Hill reported that the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) will be resurrected. The Hill is correct about this. But we do not know when it will be brought back up for consideration in the U.S. Senate. We have heard that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee may hold hearings next week, or later in July, or sometime in September.
Your calls to senators after we heard that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was planning a June 4 hearing on the treaty resulted in the hearing being postponed. The longer the treaty is delayed, the more we are able to expose the dangers it poses to parental rights, homeschool freedom, and our nation’s sovereignty. This treaty would restrict the ability of the U.S. to adopt policies that protect people with disabilities because it surrenders this right to unaccountable (and many times corrupt) bureaucrats at the United Nations. (On a related note, you may be interested in reading about the furor that surrounded a recent UN honor to Robert Mugabe.)

Action Requested

The U.S. Senate is on recess this week in honor of Independence Day. We urge you to take your friends and family and visit your senators at their district offices. Please also call their Washington, D.C. offices and give them this simple message:
“I urge you to oppose the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This treaty surrenders U.S. sovereignty to unelected UN bureaucrats and will threaten parental care of children with disabilities. Our nation already has laws to protect Americans with disabilities. This treaty is unnecessary and will hurt families by giving bureaucrats the power to decide what is in the best interests of a child with disabilities, not the child’s parents.”
Call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121. To find the specific phone numbers, district offices, or webpages for your two U.S. senators (their personal webpages will include the full list of their district offices) please visit HSLDA’s Legislative Toolbox and select your state. To find out more about the CRPD or print out materials for your visit with your senators, please click here. To read the text of the CRPD, please click here.
It is likely that the staff who answer the phones or who meet with you will tell you that they haven’t heard about the treaty coming back. Politely tell them that while you know there is no scheduled hearing date, you want to make sure that if and when the treaty is brought back your senators know that citizens across this nation staunchly oppose ceding any authority to the United Nations.
Thank you for joining us in this battle to protect our children and our children’s future. You defeated this treaty last year. Standing together, we can defeat this treaty once again.
For liberty,

Mike Smith
HSLDA President
P.S. We greatly value you and your support—it is a privilege to serve you. Thank you for all you do for freedom! If you or someone you know is not a member of HSLDA, will you consider taking a moment today to join or recommend us? Your support enables us to defend individual families threatened by government officials and protect homeschooling freedom for all. Join now >>

Friday, June 28, 2013

Do you receive CHEK emails? Take a moment now...

If it's been a while since you've received an email or newsletter from CHEK, you may need to update or subscribe to our emails! Can you take a moment and do that today?


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Restoring America's Biblical Foundations coming to Louisville, KY

How does Christianity extend itself beyond the realm of personal spirituality to influence society? What effects are evidenced in a nation when Christianity is suppressed? What benefits are bestowed upon a nation whose God is the Lord? Why must Christians be awakened to an understanding of God's truth concerning nations? What are the consequences of ignoring God's truth? How can ordinary families restore and preserve a Biblical view of government? This workshop will provide a clear illustration of the power of Christianity to transform both men and nations. http://restoringamericasbiblicalfoundations.eventbrite.com/

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Premier Showing of Restoring America's Biblical Foundations, July 11th, Louisville, KY

Please join Mrs. Ruth Smith and Mrs. Jeanette Whittaker of Pilgrim Institute for a Premier Showing of Restoring America's Biblical Foundations.


Whether you see yourself as a concerned citizen, a Christian leader, an entrepreneuer, a parent or grandparent, or, perhaps, a homeschool or classroom educator, this study will engage and equip you to make a difference in your circle of influence.

Admission is free.   A free-will donation will be taken.

To register, print map, please use this Eventbrite Page:  http://restoringamericasbiblicalfoundations.eventbrite.com/

About Pilgrim Institute:

Established in 1979 for the
Restoration of American Christian Education and the
Preservation of America's Providential History

Pilgrim Institute was established in 1979 to re-educate the American Christian in his responsibility to be governed by the principles of the Scriptures in all areas of his life, including the civil sphere, and to restore an understanding of local self government.

Pilgrim Institute serves families, Christian leaders, concerned citizens, businessmen, and educators, equipping them to act in their own sphere of influence and their local communities, to restore the ideas and principles which promote individual, religious, economic, and civil liberty.

The blessings of liberty in the United States are predicated upon distinctive, historic, Biblical principles. As these foundational principles have been forgotten, our nation has drifted from its strong foundation to the practice of socialism.

The Pilgrim Institute training program
and resource materials present these principles as they are revealed in our nation's history and reflected in our form of government. The principles are documented historically and Biblically, and related governmentally. Practical application is made for teaching these principles in the home, church, and school setting.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Conference Used Book Sale!!

All Conference attendees may participate in a used book sale! CHEK will be hosting this while you are being blessed by speakers and shopping for new resources!  Here are a few rules to follow, so everything runs smoothly.

1.  Create and submit a master list that includes:

  • Your full name, email(ID) and phone number, each book/item with the sale price
  • Each book/item name and price
2.  Create a card/tag and attach or place in each item.The tag can be an index card or post it note. Keep in        mind that if your item does not sell, you may not be able to consign it if it has a sticker on it. The tag should include:

  •  Your name and email(ID)
  • The name of the book/item
  • The price of the book/item
3. Know that 10% of the sales will be donated to the CHEK organization for process and handling

4. Be sure to pick your items and or money up between 2:00 and 3:30 p.m. on Saturday or before you leave. Please DO NOT wait until 3:35 to come and collect your items, as this will make it more hectic for everyone.  The conference closes at 4:00 and the CHEK staff must help vendors pack up and get the church in order for services on Sunday morning.

5. Have questions?  Ask!  We would be happy to help.  Also, give us feedback, as this is the first year we have offered this event.

We would like you to keep in mind that Kurriculum Korner, owned and operated by veteran homeschool mom, Karen Oliver, will take your books on consignment and has over 10.000 resources ready for you to review and buy!  Please, be familiar with her policies and consider taking your best to her for consignment. 

Homeworks for Books, that many of you have loved the past three conventions, attended four conferences closer to their home in Kansas this year!  BUT they still buy curriculum, so visit their page and communicate with them if you would like to sell your items our right. 

Check with your local support groups, as many are hosting used book fairs throughout the month of June! Home for His Glory will be hosting one on June 21st! It was scheduled for June 8th, but was postponed due to weather.

See you at the conference!

Leader's Sessions--Be Informed and Energized for the 2014 Year

Are you part of the leadership team in your support group or co-op; or are you wanting to get more involved with your group?  Have you considered forming a local support group or co-op? Are you a pastor considering a homeschool ministry in your church?  If yes, you will not want to miss these workshops offered by CHEK director, Scott Bolin, husband and wife team, A. C. and Garna Donahue, and Richard Innes from the Bluegrass Institute! 

Friday at 2:00 p.m.
Is There Not A Cause?                                                                                            Scott Bolin
CHEK director Scott Bolin takes a look at the current trends shaping the homeschool community and the impact that these trends may have on our future.  Have you ever noticed how much you miss on a road trip when you are “just along for the ride”?  The reason is simple; you have relinquished control to the driver, so you are not concerned with directions or if you are going the right way.  In this session you will be challenged to get back in the driver’s seat and avoid those intersections that could lead us from liberty to bondage.  The greatest threat to our liberties is a spirit of apathy.  We must be a people of passion, principle, and purpose.  THERE IS A CAUSE…Come and get engaged!

Friday at 4:00 p.m.
The Keys to a Striving Homeschool Cooperative                               Garna Donahue
Garna will share from her 13+ years of experience in starting and running a successful support group. The focus will be on equipping homeschooling families to raise up a generation of godly young men and women.

Friday at 5:30 p.m. and Saturday at 11:00 a.m.
Getting it Legally Right:
Kentucky’s Homeschool Laws & Legal Update                                       A. C. Donahue

AC Donahue has been the long time in-state counsel for Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) and CHEK. A.C. will cover the minimal requirements to legally home school in Kentucky. He will also provide timely tips on how to document your progress. Finally, he will address cases that have been litigated in the last couple of years.

Saturday at 2:00 p.m.
What Every Support Group Leader Should Know:
Establishing a Sound and Legal Foundation                    A. C. and Garna Donahue
A.C. and Garna Donahue have been involved in home school leadership on many levels.  A.C. has been the long time in-state counsel for Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) and CHEK.  Garna has been the Executive Director of Cumberland Christian Home Educators (CCHE) for over 13 years.  The Donahues will detail some of the basic foundations that must be established in order to run a sound and legal home schooled cooperative.

Also, Saturday at 11:00 a.m.
Common Core State Standards:
What’s Happening and Why Homeschoolers Should Care      Richard Innes-BGI

Common Core is a set of education standards that have wormed their way into our country’s education system with little public scrutiny or debate.  The Kentucky Department of Education adopted the standards for use in Kentucky in 2009 as Senate Bill 1.  Join Mr. Innes as he answers these questions: What are the CCSS, how were they adopted and where will they take education in Kentucky and the nation?

Scott Bolin is happily married to his best friend, Devonne, and is thoroughly enjoying raising their 12 children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Since stepping into the home education world 15 years ago, Scott helped co-found a local support group (Bluegrass Christian Home Educators of Kentucky), where he still serves. Also, his family has served the homeschoolers of Kentucky through the ministry of Christian Home Educators of Kentucky, where he is now director.

AC Donahue is the Managing Attorney of Donahue Law Group. Donahue Law Group is a creditors rights law firm and has offices in both Kentucky and Ohio. Mr. Donahue has a BA in International Studies from the University of Kentucky, and a Juris Doctorate from Regent University, College of Law. Prior to college, Mr. Donahue served in the U.S. Army from 1980-87. A.C. Donahue has served as General Counsel to CHEK and as in-state counsel for HSLDA since 1996. Mr. Donahue is also an Allied Attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom. AC and his wife Garna home schooled their children through high school.

Garna Donahue graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. Teaching has been part of her life since she was 9 years old and began helping teachers in her school. After college, she managed a large physicians’ office in Lexington and is currently the Business Manager for her husband’s law firm. She and her husband, A.C., homeschooled their oldest two children all the way through high school and both are in college doing well. They plan to homeschool their youngest son as well. Garna is the Executive Director of Cumberland Christian Home Educators (CCHE) – a large support group in south central Kentucky serving 6 counties. She has grown the organization from a handful of families to well over 100 member-families. She loves serving the group and gives God all the glory for equipping her to meet the needs of homeschoolers including her own children.

Richard Innes, the education analyst for the Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions, brings a uniquely independent viewpoint to public education research, approaching those studies from a parent-oriented viewpoint.
Innes has been investigating Kentucky education since 1994. In 1999, his research highlighted significant problems with exclusion of learning disabled students from the National Assessment of Educational Progress. Cautions about those problems now are found in recent reports from that testing program, while research still continues on ways to correct these issues.
He is happily married to his wife of more than 40 years, Frances and has two adult daughters, Diane and Susan, who are both college graduates and working professionals.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Men's Breakfast and Sessions at CHEK Conference

Men come join us for an abundant breakfast and time of fellowship with other men!  Do you desire to build a stronger marriage?  Do you want to lead your children to walk in faith?  
Register and we will see you Saturday, June 15, 8:30 a.m. at Valley View Church. 
The breakfast will fuel your body, 
while the excellent words of encouragement will fuel your passion to lead your family!
Pastors may register for the conference at no cost and receive a special discount on the breakfast!
(Pastor, please bring an official church letterhead to registration upon arrival.)

Men’s Breakfast Sessions

What's a Dad to Do?                                                                                                      Rick Boyer

There are plenty of misconceptions about the role of the father in a home schooling family. Some people think that if he can’t be at home during “school time” he can’t be involved. Others think his job is to take over some of Mom’s chores in order to free her to spend more time with the children. But Scripture gives seven functions of a father in a godly home, and each of these can be applied very practically and powerfully in home education. Enjoy the wisdom and humor of this presentation as Rick answers the question of "What's A Dad to Do?"

Revival in the Home                                                                                                   Israel Wayne
Families in America are under attack. Teenage rebellion, divorce, juvenile delinquency, emotional disorders, and relational dysfunction are way too common, even among church-goers. Studies show that the majority of Christian youth abandon the Christian faith sometime around high school graduation. How can you have a Godly family in the midst of such a worldly culture? Israel will provide practical and Biblical answers.

Men’s Track
Friday, June 14

*Proverbs: God’s Character Curriculum                                                                     Rick Boyer
If you were the wisest man in the world, what would you teach your children? You can learn the answer to that question by understanding the Old Testament book of Proverbs. There, a man specially chosen as a son by God records for his own sons, the most important lessons of wisdom and knowledge. Here is a practical application for the Book of Wisdom, including several ways to teach it to your children.

*The Power of Affirmation                                                                                         Israel Wayne
When you are trying to inspire and motivate students to learn, there are two forces that are often exerted: Positive and Negative Reinforcement. In this session, Israel explains the importance of Affirmation as a way to inspire and motivate your reluctant learner. Drawing from practical and Biblical examples, this session will help you to keep those important relational connections as you are attempting to impart knowledge.

*Take Back the Land –Keynote Address                                                                      Rick Boyer
It has been said that the parents of the 1980's and 90's were the Moses generation--they left Egypt (government schooling) and headed for the Promised Land, as the Israelites once traversed the wilderness to return to Canaan.  The generation of Moses completed part of the mission, getting as far as the Jordan River.

But it was left to Joshua and the younger Israelites to cross the river and take back the land that had been promised to their father Abraham centuries before.  Today, home schooling parents have broken free from the bondage of Godless philosophies and are raising up the Joshua generation that will carry the battle over the Jordan--taking the banner of Christ back into American government, law, medicine, business, education and the arts, where God and His Word were once universally honored.  The enemies of God are trembling today at the thunderous approach of the Joshua generation!!

Saturday, June 15

*Breaking the Shackles—Why Parents Should Trust Themselves, Not Schools   Rick Boyer
To those who understand history, the hand of God is unmistakable in the story of America.  Our Founders built on the soil of the New World a nation organized on the principles of Scripture.  The result was that early America astounded the world with its freedom, genius, and productivity.  But when the training of children shifted from the realm of the family and moved into the realm of government, it took only a few generations to bring about the social, spiritual, moral, and intellectual decay that permeates our society today.  Now, home educating parents are taking back their children and raising up a generation of bright, godly, competent Americans who understand their heritage and are determined to reclaim it for the glory of God.  God designed the family, not the school to be the primary training ground for His champions.

Where is Your Wife? (Marriage)                                                                              Israel Wayne
Life Lessons from Abraham

Why Do You Honor Your Sons More Than Me?                                                    Israel Wayne
Life lessons from Aaron, Eli, and Samuel

*These workshops are recommended to any that wish to attend—not just for Men.

CHEK Family & Homeschool Conference Schedule

Friday Schedule
Time Room Workshop Title Speaker
2:00:00PM Chapel Proverbs: God's Character Curriculum Rick Boyer
  B Dyslexia Remediation Beth Ellen Nash
  C Classical Conversations Information Meeting Guest Speaker
  D Is There Not A Cause? Scott Bolin
  E Homeschooling 101 Cindy West
3:00PM Aud Homeschooling--The Catalyst for Revival Marilyn Boyer
4:00PM Chapel The Power of Affirmation Israel Wayne 
  A America's Christian Heritage Bro. Lee Watts
  B Homeschooling Essentials Heather Goodale
  C Experience Excellence in Writing Jan Miller
  D The Keys to a Thriving Homeschool Cooperative Garna Donahue
  E Managing the Multi-Level Homeschool Malia Russell
5:30-7:00PM   Getting It Legally Right:Kentucky's Home School Laws & Legal Update A.C. Donahue Esq.
    Take Back the Land Rick Boyer 
7:00-8:30PM   Shop, Shop, Shop!!  
Saturday Schedule
Time Room Workshop Title Speaker
Men's Breakfast What's a Dad to Do? Rick Boyer
8:30-10:00AM Revival in the Home Israel Wayne
9:00AM Chapel A Curriculum That Fits Marilyn Boyer
  A The Biblical Big Picture: Is Your Child Getting It? Sherlan Perry
  B Beyond Labels: Understanding Your Child's Strengths and Weakness Beth Ellen Nash
  C Classical Conversations Information Meeting Guest Speaker
  D The Long Haul: Homeschooling K through 12 and Beyond Garna Donahue
  E Simple Essential Oils Betsy Wurth
10:00AM AUD Breaking the Shackles--Why Parents Should Trust Themselves, Not Schools Rick Boyer
11:00:00AM Chapel Where is Your Wife? (Marriage): Life Lessons from Abraham Israel Wayne
  A Common Core State Standards:What's Happening and Why Homeschoolers Should Care Richard Innes
  B Special Needs Homeschooling Heather Goodale
  C A Walk Through My Father's World Marzetta Neal
  D Home School Getting It Legally Right: Kentucky's Home School Laws & Legal Update A.C. & Garna Donahue
  E Teaching During Times of Transition Malia Russell
1:00PM AUD A Servant's Heart--The Path to Honor Marilyn Boyer
2:00PM Chapel Why Do You Honor Your Sons More Than Me? Life Lessons from Aaron, Eli, and Samuel Israel Wayne
  A Learning With All the Senses Rebecca Cecil
  B Conquering Comprehension Heather Goodale
  C Learn to Read and Write with PAL Jan Miller
  D What Every Support Group Leader Should Know: Establishing a Sound and Legal Foundation A.C. and Garna Donahue
  E Creative Homeschooling Cindy West
3:00-4:00PM   Last Chance to Shop!  

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