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So you’ve decided to homeschool! Now what?

Letter of Notification of Your Private Homeschool

The time of year will be quickly approaching to notify your school district of your private school!  This is the first step in creating an official private school in your home.  We receive many questions about this step, and encourage you to read the following information, including eight of the most common questions with answers.
Here is a sample copy of the Letter of Notification. You can see that KRS 159.160 states, “The reports shall be made within the two weeks of the beginning of each school year.”  So, if your school begins on Monday, August 3, your letter needs to arrive at the office of the Superintendent by Friday, August 14, the end of the second school week. 
You can find the address and name of the Superintendent in this Kentucky School Directory. This is a 2017 directory.   You can also look at your district's website. .   As in the past, CHEK recommends that you send your letter certified mail with a return receipt.  When your receipt is returned via mail, place it with…

Legislative Alert: HB 574 Aggressive Encroachment on Private Home Education

HB574, an act relating to homeschool, was submitted to the House on February 27 by Representative Chris Harris, and is currently awaiting discussion in the House Education Committee. We have not seen a bill that so aggressively attacks our freedom to home educate in more than eight years. If this bill became law, it would drastically transform the face of private home education in Kentucky. It is CHEK’s stance that bills, such as these, are unnecessary and ultimately harmful to homeschoolers as they further increase the state's control of the education and upbringing of our children. CHEK is actively communicating our concerns to the House Education Committee. We encourage you to contact your legislators to let them know your concerns for HB 574.
If this proposed bill became law, it would: Create a legal definition of homeschool in Kentucky. Require parents to submit and affidavit to the Kentucky Department of Education, on an annual basis, verifying each child completed 1,062 hours…